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Since childhood I have been an avid reader,be it any genres I have enjoyed reading almost any kind of novel. Apart from textbooks ,novels with interesting stories formed an important part of my life during school and University.

But due to some or the other thing mainly involving job and different responsibilities,reading became a nostalgic thought ,limiting to just one or two novels a year.

Among many authors that I have cherished reading,an Indian author who is praised and loved by almost everyone -Rabindranath Tagore ,has been my favourite too and luckily I got to see his stories as a web series recently .

The trend of web-series these days is too addictive and especially if the topic and context is worth watching it becomes irresistible to switch off either phone/TV whatever the medium is.

I also realised that with time and experience our perspectives of taking any thing or story changes or even evolves so much,this happened with me today,though I didn’t complete the entire series but the stories I saw,(ones I had already read at some stage/phase in my life),took me through a different angle and honestly I loved reliving the amazingly written contents of Rabindranath Tagore!!

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Do You miss home 🏡?

So as the saying goes ,’home is where the heart is’,but is it really true? Don’t you miss home ,when you are far away?with no one around?Don’t you feel lonely??

So there are hundreds of questions that people ask you and you also feel really lonely sometimes when you are away from home.But what you do to eliminate this feeling is important,it’s quite natural,that we miss home and our loved ones when we are away from our home and place ,but the point again here is what to do?

1.Start a job-get busy and engage yourself with new people around you.

2.Take up a hobby-until you find a job that suits you or your visa requirements,take up any hobby that you never got time to complete

3.Start some course- start studying and adding a credential to your resume.Either online or part-time courses at any institute/University.

4. Volunteer- the best option to make friends and engage yourself.

5.Try cooking- master yourself in your culinary skills!

There may be many other options apart from these but definitely these pointers can make you busy and engaged in a new country!

Try them 🙂 and let me know of there are any other ways you are using to combat home sickness:)

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After a long time!!

Shifting to a new country does takes a toll on you! This happened to me too,couldn’t write any blog lately.

But,from now on I will make it a point to publish at least a blog or two weekly.

Canada has been good so far,with winters setting in and occasional showers on somedays it’s still a bearable weather.Waiting to see a white Christmas this time!Will keep you guys posted.

Till next time ciao:)

Christmas 🎄 decorations 🙂

Things that you need to know before landing to Canada! 🇨🇦

When you think of coming from your home country to a new country there are few things that you need to understand.Especially when you come to Canada there are 6 things you should understand before thinking of landing here-

1.There is no help at home

unlike your home country(as am from India ,I will particularly talk about what happens there!), there will be no servant,maid,driver,cook or someone to look after your kid.Unless and until you are extremely rich there is no one here who has help like these on a regular basis.Cleaners take almost 40$ for an hour here!So,start preparing yourself to work without any help if you plan to shift:D

2.No one really cares who you were back home!-

Okay so there are fee courses that are considered as regulatory courses ,like Pharmacy,Teaching job,Trainers,Doctors people of such professions needs to prepare for exam and get a license for this country.Some professions especially IT are of great scope here,but you need to be a hard working person to achieve something here! There might be phases where you will have to start with a different line of career ,or start from scratch but at the end it’s all worth! You can explore options to study some diploma courses or get a certification in your field to add on to your resume for a good job here.

3.Prepare for your IELTS exam

If you are migrating from a non native English speaking country,be serious about studying for this exam.People lose on to their total score for the application,if they don’t get the desired band.As am a trainer for the I will be writing blogs for strategies and tips to clear IELTS.

4.Start exploring schools

if coming with a kid- your kid has had a different kind of education as compared to Canadian education,so start exploring options for your kid around your area or stay at a place where there are good schools.

5. Work Experience

At least 3 years of work experience is crucial for your application to gain points.There is a code specific for every field or career,so you should be clear which job code suits your job description appropriately.

6.Maintain your account-

there is a specific amount that is required to be maintained when applying for immigration here,either single or as a couple or family of 3-4,there is a minimum amount that needs to be maintained in your account,this is for your benefit as sometimes people will not get a job that they want or if they’ll get it ,that might be of a basic wage/hour.So they’ll need their money in the account to survive in a new country till the time they get a job.

I will be creating a series from the detailed stages of applying for immigration to different aspects of living in a new country.

Suggestions /queries for new blogs are welcome:)


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Dreams and Gratitude!

There are times where we feel,nothing is working out but soon things start to fall in place and you get what you always wanted.

Most of us have been in such a situation once in life,we too were in the same muddle for more than a year,where things seemed stuck and everyone else appeared happy except us.

But things came to us!I feel blessed and am filled with gratitude.

Things pass,we need to have the patience during testing times! Just go with the flow and dance on the tune called life:)

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