You are super awesome

I really fail to understand that is it just me or every girl who gets married has the same feeling that your mum is the most awesome woman ever on earth! We may fight and argue or even get irritated before marriage on every little things that our moms say to us but only later do we realise that even in that criticism was her hidden love.

When she made that simple dal and rice and you made a face saying that I will eat something outside little did you realise that you will yearn for that simple home -cooked meal years later might happen with any unmarried male or female who is staying away from home for work but it happens genuinely with a married girl!!Trust me;)

The family you move into has a new set of parents they are very loving no doubt ,but still that motherly love is cooked on demand and simple food that you once disregarded are now precious things when you visit home after long..

I read a poem once in junior school and it’s so true:

I can find many butterflies 🦋< strong>I can find many trees 🌲I can find many stars 🌟I can find many flowers 💐But,when I look around I can’t find anyone who resembles you mom you are the only one and no one can replace you❤️ With love, from all the daughters who might be away ..but are still their mothers little angels 👼 💕 Much love #latenightscenti. #IndiBlogger


Gloomy weather

Even after Lohri and Makar Sakranti there has not been a significant change in the weather conditions..though the sun did come out but it was not too strong.

The weather is gloomy with barely no sun and smoke everywhere.I can see many people still burning old leaves and left over matter of crops on barren fields which is not appreciated especially after the time when the city was covered by smog last year.

Hope that the weather changes most probably after the Onset of Spring and the smog clears up completely making the weather happy !!


Coolest winter socks 🧦

My mum has an innate creativity of weaving some of the coolest sweaters and now she has started off with some of the most creative and coolest winter socks that actually do not feel like socks..they actually feel like shoes:D

Some of the samples are :

You can buy these by ordering them on this blog and I will send it to you on your address!

Side view

If you really liked any one of them do comment on the blog and I will send it to you!

We have just started off with the selling of these socks as samples among friends and relatives and it has been a huge success.We would love your encouragement on this.

Rates: Range: ₹300-₹500

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The best is yet to come!

Of late I have not been getting time to post any blog am just posting different quotes of the moods am today I thought I should write the thoughts that are brimming to the surface of my mind.

There has been a lot of things going on in life and am sure all reading this will relate to this stuff that life is all about struggles..if you find a beautiful path beware of the destination but if the destination is beautiful do not worry about the path!

Without divulging much about what has life been to me in the last few months ..I just want to take this time out to thank god for giving me whatever I have today ..probably am still not at a very good phase in my life ..probably lot of my friends and colleagues are doing way better in life than me and also have a settled personal life with cute kids..but Hey!These are all phases in life..may be today you might feel that at your age you are not doing that well as compared to some one else who is doing way better and is younger than you.But ,you don’t know that the Best is yet to come!

Life might feel struggling at this point,it might feel pointless,worthless at a point but 5 years down the line..I promise all of this will make you curve that lip and smile back on the phase that was once a tough one!

So,pull up your socks and keep that spirit high just keep doing what you are best at and have faith!!

Have the Best part of life is about to come;)