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When your mother is a master chef!!

You get this

Idli (rice/pulse mixture dish) burger:) with potato filling

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When your soul gets healed😊 :Travel Blog

Decided to take a short trip down South and trust me it healed my inner self.It made me realise what are we running after..the daily noise,artificial lights,food,pollution..

Among all this there is no time to think what our body actually I felt I gave that to my body and soul…that silence and calmness is what my body wanted!

Today I gave my self the best self gift:)

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Stop this

There are many instances in life ,where you know you’ll have to wait for something to happen ,but still get influenced by others who spread negativity around petty things.

So,just stop being influenced by others and be positive.There are things in life where,we have no other option apart from waiting for that time/thing to happen.Therefore until that particular time starts or happens focus on good things in your life right now,enjoy this moment!until that comes along and most importantly forget the negativity around..

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