Janamashtami(birth of lord krishna ) celebrated in Toronto

Of our many firsts in this country,yesterday we celebrated Krishna Janamashtami alone from family and home,probably for the first time ever.

It was a surreal and tiring experience, as I had to do the preparations and all the other stuff that was previously either managed by mom or mum-in-law:)

We even stayed uptil 12 at midnight to celebrate the birthday ,though it was a working day and along with that we were fasting,still I really enjoyed every bit of it.

Doing things from scratch with no one to help was satisfying!

Looking forward to other big festivals that will be round the corner soon:)

Belated happy birthday Krishnaji:*

Our worship place!divine space


One thing I love about dreams is you can imagine and let your creativity go beyond imagination. Buy,there’s another fact that I love about dreams,if you dream something and work towards it then they turn into reality:)

So,dream big and work towards it,who knows maybe you’ll start living your dream soon!

Lonely day

My parents were visiting us from India.Things were awesome when they arrived and then the COVID-19 situation happened:/ Their flight got cancelled twice and almost at the end of 6 month period they managed to go back by evacuation flight.

Though, it was known to everyone that they had to leave but the thought of being alone after they’ll leave was daunting. This thought haunted me yesterday after they left and in the morning too .

This made me realise how nothing in life is permanent.Things come to an end because new things and memories need to be created!

So to a much happier time ahead here’s a toast to my lovelies:*

Late post:Father’s Day

How can I write something about him,he’s the reason am even able write or read!

Dads are really our superheroes, daughter’s first love and also that single person in the world who loves his daughter more than anyone can ever imagine.

Father’s heart is like a marshmallow, ge might be strict but his heart is always warm with love!

Tonnes of good health and prayers for all fathers in this world!And last but not least love you papa dearest😘Thank you for being you:*

Much love

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Mug Cake (2min recipe)

Tried a recipe from YouTube, a quick way to ease the hunger pang.

1. 4 tbsp whole wheat flour

2. 4 tbsp milk

3. 2 tbsp cocoa powder

4.1 tbsp oil

5. 1/4th vanilla essence

6. 1/4th baking powder

7. 2 tbsp cane sugar

8. Almond and walnuts to sprinkle on top

Mix it properly ,to ensure there is no lump and then pour the mixture in a mug.

Pre-heat oven at 180 degree,then place it inside for 15 min.

Once done,check by placing a toothpick or knife inside the mug ,if it comes clean then cake is baked properly.

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Quarantine diaries

Since this quarantine has started,weather has changed in the city too.It’s quite similar to Delhi’s February and March right now.

Spring ‘when it’s summers in the sun and winters in shade’.But not many are venturing out in this season due to the pandemic threat.So I thought of peeping out from the window today and feel the warmth of the mighty sun.

To meditate and pray for the whole world and seek deep inside my soul ,to invest this time and give some time to the soul within.

The quarantine frustration

Don’t know whether anyone is feeling the same but am starting to feel irritated and frustrated with this quarantine thing:/

Being at home in a new country ,stuck with your spouse 24*7 is not an easy thing!I know you’ll agree on this for sure. I have been going through pangs of anxiety and nervousness more than hunger pangs these days:P

If you relate to this please let me know what you are doing during this phase:) Let’s connect on this and come out of this phase stronger than ever!

Coronavirus threat: things to help you stay positive

With all the negativity surrounding this novel disease,let’s try to think positive and help others stay positive,by few things you can be happy even at home;

1.Play games that increase your awareness or general knowledge.

2.Listen to songs that you have not heard since ages.

3.Search for some new hobby at home to keep yourself busy.

4.If working from home,try and walk for few minutes/stretch.Physical activity is essential.

5.Try to stay indoors as suggested by authorities but if possible,make it a point to walk/jog for sometime outdoors.

6.Make vlogs,learn a new hobby or rediscover an old passion.

7.Most importantly ‘safety is the priority ‘ and social distancing is the thing.

Stay positive and rediscover yourself in this state of isolation (this might be your chance to meet your shadow).

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