Happy World Book Day!!📖

Books and I go a long way,as a single child as I was always finding ways to distract myself and not be bored especially during holidays.So,mom used to buy me children story books back then,I used to be so fascinated by stories ,every night used to be a bed time fable or some religious stories from our land of temples India!

While growing up,I used to visit libraries around my place or in school,University I used to sit for hours and dived into the characters,sometimes imagining myself as one of them:)Books became my childhood bestie who was always by my side.On birthdays and other special events novels used to be my choice of gift.

So on this world book day I would like to say thank you mom for creating this interest in me!and a big thank you to my books that have been a saviour during lonely days,been my bestfriends throughout life and have taught me so many good virtues!

I may not get the time to read before going to bed these days,but I still take out time to read something online,though I miss the smell of a new book’s pages,my ears miss the fluttering of pages while a bookmark peeks out of one of the chapters! How much I miss them on my bed side table!!

I truly believe that every child should be given a book to develop the habit of reading this isn’t just for the vocab or school,books take you through so many eras,they make you travel with them without wings and some can even teach you what life is about,so on this world book day let’s decide to read atleast a book or two and create a much better world and a much better self!!

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Changes can be of any type it can be a house change or job change even weather change has a great impact on us.I observed so many changes in the past few months that accepting them became difficult.Settling in to changes thought should come on to the platform and share it!

Change is the only constant is one such beautiful phrase that suits each ans every individual .I am experiencing a change of new house ,new location still settling in,soon will experience other changes that might be risky but to grow you have to take risk and be a part of the change or else you’ll be stuck forever on the same constant.

Cheers to changes in life!

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Are you in a dark place?

I got the idea to write this blog from my spouse,while just discussing some basic life philosophies, he said “if you ever feel you are in a dark place, consider yourself to be a seed,as you are there to grow in a plant and tree later”.I might not have been able to exactly quote what he said but I was blown away by the deep meaning of this quote.

To think of a seed,it takes so much turmoil and struggle through mud,water,harsh sun to be the plant or tree that we later on admir or probably even cut it down withouy even thinking how that entire process has evolved through years.

It’s so relatable to our own lives,we struggle,fall and get up only to grow and become a better person as compared to the one we were yesterday or few years ago.We are definitely in a stage of getting ploughed and being muddled in the dirt ,being picked by some random bird while still in growing phase but just like a seed which in a dark place survives and grows,we too someday grow and reach to that level or place where we always wanted to be.

The moral of this blog is quite simple,if you don’t see light it’s definitely night at your place 😛 jokes apart if you don’t see light even for a long time don’t assume it will be dark forever,as good things take some time and when they come over they just take you by surprise .The feeling is quite similar as the first rays of sun that fall on your face after a very dark and gloomy day .

Picture courtesy 2020 inspirational calendar

So,be a seed if you are still in that phase you’ll gradually reach above the ground and probably some day ‘much’ above the ground towards the sky!

Just stick around:)

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Festive time

It’s the start of the festive season,back home and here too we are trying to continue that festive mood,in between work from home and other home chores!

This festive season is huge it carries forward the spirit and moves towards diwali which is like Christmas back home.

This period makes me so nostalgic, especially with such unprecedented times due to pandemic when there will be no deity statues(durga puja pandaal) in India,no major gatherings on Dusshera (when the 9 days that we fast and pray to goddess end on 10th day with Raavan’s deity being burnt)

I still remember the times when as a kid I used to visit festive grounds and ride the giant wheel,that happiness can’t be explained they are such amazing memories.I hope by next festive season things are sorted and people enjoy the festivities as they used to be.

Happy navratres and dusshera to everyone!May the evil be crushed by the angelic powers of god Ram and goddess Durga!

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Janamashtami(birth of lord krishna ) celebrated in Toronto

Of our many firsts in this country,yesterday we celebrated Krishna Janamashtami alone from family and home,probably for the first time ever.

It was a surreal and tiring experience, as I had to do the preparations and all the other stuff that was previously either managed by mom or mum-in-law:)

We even stayed uptil 12 at midnight to celebrate the birthday ,though it was a working day and along with that we were fasting,still I really enjoyed every bit of it.

Doing things from scratch with no one to help was satisfying!

Looking forward to other big festivals that will be round the corner soon:)

Belated happy birthday Krishnaji:*

Our worship place!divine space


One thing I love about dreams is you can imagine and let your creativity go beyond imagination. Buy,there’s another fact that I love about dreams,if you dream something and work towards it then they turn into reality:)

So,dream big and work towards it,who knows maybe you’ll start living your dream soon!

Lonely day

My parents were visiting us from India.Things were awesome when they arrived and then the COVID-19 situation happened:/ Their flight got cancelled twice and almost at the end of 6 month period they managed to go back by evacuation flight.

Though, it was known to everyone that they had to leave but the thought of being alone after they’ll leave was daunting. This thought haunted me yesterday after they left and in the morning too .

This made me realise how nothing in life is permanent.Things come to an end because new things and memories need to be created!

So to a much happier time ahead here’s a toast to my lovelies:*

Late post:Father’s Day

How can I write something about him,he’s the reason am even able write or read!

Dads are really our superheroes, daughter’s first love and also that single person in the world who loves his daughter more than anyone can ever imagine.

Father’s heart is like a marshmallow, ge might be strict but his heart is always warm with love!

Tonnes of good health and prayers for all fathers in this world!And last but not least love you papa dearest😘Thank you for being you:*

Much love

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