Rangoli is one of the creativity that everyone indulges in during’s made of different colours and is in different shapes and sizes.

Considered auspicious,it’s part of the festivity.

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Please Understand

First of all..happy diwali everyone!!!May your life be blessed with all the light and happiness.But please understand..its fun to light crackers but it’s no fun to see your city suffering in smog and then we blame the government and other authorities..

This isn’t fair..if it’s a part of tradition just light a single cracker that too the green one and that’s it.Goddess laxmi will not come when she’ll see your city in this condition.Clean your home on diwali..but please don’t litter around,only when we’ll consider our city as our home then only we’ll see a better city probably in the future or else this place will not be liveable for our future generations .

Choice is yours.Here’s wishing everyone again a very Happy Diwali.Make this Diwali a happy one for your city too!

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