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Eggless rice cooker cake: 5 minute read(food blog)

My sister-in-law has a knack for creativity and she just loves cooking delicious stuff!Last week she planned to bake a cake and I helped her a bit in the process.

It’s an eggless rice cooker cake:


1.5 cup flour

1 cup milkmaid

1 cup refined sugar

1/2 teaspoon vinegar

1 cup cocoa powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1&1/2 cup melted butter

chocolate syrup to decorate

Mix cocoa powder,flour and sugar keep it aside.Mix baking soda,vinegar,baking powder and add to the mixture ,whisk well to remove lumps.Add melted butter and take a cake bottom to place it make it flat as much as you can and put it in the rice cooker pan ,if you don’t have it you can use normal pressure cooker without the lid(Add salt at the bottom as base if using pressure cooker).

Put it for an hour or so and your cake is ready without oven!!

Decorate it with chocolate syrup later and can use some blueberries as a side for a better picture;)

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It’s not a movie review

There are few circumstances and things in life that we don’t rule out ourselves,they just happen some blame other people for influencing them,some say the time wasn’t perfect so things went awry ..some people while struggling through these get caught in between media attention and in my country this usually happens with celebrities.

Our population and media (reporters-no offence) are so attached to these celebrities that even if a celebrity sneezes it becomes a news that probably he/she is suffering from swine flu! What the hell..

Anyways coming back to my topic for this blog post..I am not a film critic neither am I ever interested in writing a film review there are hundreds out there to write a review and rate the movie.That’s why the title:D So,I watched this movie which has already garnered a lot in terms of media,public and financial attention.

I must tell you if you see this film don’t see it as a biography you will be disappointed,see it as a fictional movie but get influenced by a lot of instances that have been shown beautifully in this cinematic production,the way protagonist has imbibed the role of another celebrity to showcase his career and personal life is appreciable!!

No doubt he is a wonderful actor but he has proven his mettle with this one.His acting prowess is outstandingly shown and I must not forget another brilliant newbie to showbiz ,his role is adept to his calibre and he is absolutely wonderful.

Watch this one if you wish to learn how to live life honestly,how not to get influenced by wrong people,how to love your parents for what they have done their entire life selflessly for you and are still there to back you!,watch this one to learn how not to hurt the one who is waiting to be your life partner and how to be one of the best friend any person can ever imagine..

It truly showcases instances that might have been in someone else’s life too..maybe because this guy was a celebrity and had a great legacy to carry he came into such a huge limelight..but whatever his story was or is now,for me he is definitely someone who has fought and seen so much in life and is still a man of honour!

Winding up this blog ,if you live in my country you know whom am talking about,if you have seen this picture am sure you could relate to what I wrote,if you haven’t just watch it for the sake of getting motivated do not think of not watching this movie because the media has given you a negative dose..use your brain cells watch it and then decide..

I am not promoting anyone or anything neither am against anyone ,that is the only reason why this blog is not a movie review!!

Happy viewing:)

*One thing that I could relate to in this one was,for every situation in life if you have a song,you will sail through that situation easily!!

The best song for all the nonsense people around:kuchh toh log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna..chhodo bekaar ki baaton main kahin beet na jaye raina

*People will say something or the other it is their natural habit!leave these nonsense things,or the night will just pass..

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